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[ooc] HMD/General Contact

Need to get in touch with Robyn's player in any way? Then this would be the place to go! Just leave me a comment here and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

This also serves as an HMD post. Want to tell me how I'm doing with Robyn? You can just leave me a note here too. (I'll take any comments: crit, praise, even criticism, are all welcome. However, flames are unproductive and unhelpful, so please don't bother. I'll just use them to light my fireplace.)

At the moment, I don't play Byn anywhere except in dear_mun, museboxes, and the like.

Anon commenting is allowed, I don't log IPs, and all comments are screened, so go for it.

ooc: Name List

Figured this would help people in the long run. ♥

Dick Grayson | Robin => Ellie Grayson | Robin
Koriand'r | Starfire => Koriand'r (Corey Anders) | Firestar [translated backwards]
Garfield Logan | Beast Boy => Gardenia Logan | Beast Girl
Rachel Roth | Raven => Raziel Roth | Crow
Victor Stone | Cyborg => Victoria Stone | Cyber
Tara Markov | Terra => Terrance Markov | Terran

Roy Harper | Speedy => Roxanne "Roxi" Harper | Speedi
Garth (Idyll) | Aqualad => Gina (Idyll) | Aqualass
Karen Beecher | Bumblebee => Ken Beecher | Sting
Mas y Menos => Mas y Menos (this... really didn't change anything.)

Wally West | Kid Flash => Wendy West | Kid Flash
Jinx => Jivin Nahar | Hex
Jade Nyugen | Cheshire => Spinel Nyugen | Cheshire

Jericho | Joseph Wilson => Jericho "Jeri" | Joani Wilson
Ravager | Rose Wilson => Blade | Roosevelt "Velt" Wilson
Slade Wilson => Sloane Wilson
Bruce Wayne | Batman => Brenna Wayne | Batwoman
Diana of Themyscira | Wonder Woman => Helios of Themyscira | Wonder Warrior
Donna Troy | Wonder Girl => Dorian Troy | Wonder Boy

Control Freak => Limewire
Kitten => Tiger

I'm sure there's people I'm forgetting. :|b If you want to know who's who, then just ask me and I'll add it to the list.

[ooc] Separator

As of April 2010, these journal entries no longer pertain to any incarnation of elite_titans_rp.

This journal, with the exception of appearances in elite_titans_rp in 2010 for an event, will be used for genderbent Robin in museboxes, DRs, and other misc. rps that the mun can't think of right off the bat.

So if you're still paying attention, former flist, please defriend? ♥ Thanks very muchly.
Well... things around here are certainly getting interesting. Who knew that LiveJournal would open communications like this? If things weren't so accessible I might call it handy. :-)

Thanks for sticking up for me, Firestar... but if Tiger knows what's good for him, he won't try the same game again. We'll see to it that he's put where he belongs, you can -all- count on it.

By the way, when's pizza night? I think we all totally missed the usual Friday night pizza. Ran was going to come. Should we try again?
***All entries beyond this point are now relevant to elite_titans_rp***

September 11

In honor of those whose lives were lost five years ago today, I ask that our Tower, and anyone who would like to join us, have a moment of silence at exactly 9:11 PM tonight.

Thank you


I'm sorry, I let my emotions run away with me. Forget what I said.

Stay here as long as you want, no one will bother you anymore.

Happy Birthday, Beast Boy!

Oh... and can't you now get a legal driver's license?


Hey guys!

Hey, everybody!

Okay, so I hope I'm just hearing things... what's going on with Rave and Malchora? I think the Titans need to have a meeting.

And I'm serious, okay? Let's get this team put back together. Rave, Beastgirl, Cy Gurl, Firestar... I want you ALL to report your locations and give me some stats on what's been going on. K? We have to show this city we mean business. And we do.

Erg, and Cy Gurl? Need a favor... my computer keeps giving me error messages when I try to open Firefox. It's bugging me, and I can't figure the darn thing out.

Oh, yeah. I got YIM! robyn_on_patrol



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